Award-Winning Author of Political Thrillers

“genuine page-turner too irresistible to put down.”

Vincent Zandri, New York Times Bestselling Author

“Sally Fernandez’s political thriller Climatized might be frighteningly timely and dare I say it, realistic. It is also frighteningly well written. I suspect we will be enjoying a lifetime of Max Ford thrillers. Question is, how long have we got?”

Big PhRMA & FDA Investigations Thrust…

Max Ford finds herself in the throes of a far-reaching investigation. It looms even larger with the introduction of Big PhRMA and the FDA. But as it becomes clear that her adversaries are on her trail, Max digs in her stilettos for another nail-biting thriller.

Challenges to Global Warming Heats Up

Three world-renowned scientists had been killed days before they were scheduled to testify before the late Senator’s investigative committee.

One scientist is still missing and Max is in hot pursuit.

SERIES I: The Simon Hall Political Thrillers

Fernandez’ crackerjack international thrillers expertly weaves facts with fiction. The readers will be beguiled by the artistic marriage of established facts with a storyline that lifts creativity to new heights. Hair-raising page-turners from start to finish.


Audiobook Now Available


Audiobook Now Available



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